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Keep on, and Keep Moving Forward

Staying active is the key to health.  Having the mindset of “moving forward and not dwelling in the past” is the key to eventually getting to where you want to land in life.  We’ve all heard the phrase: “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!” If you desire to make positive changes in your life, thinking them through and mapping them out is essential. But execution is the vital next step and generally the key difference

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Top Five Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Content marketing continues to evolve yet the purpose remains the same; drive site traffic, which should lead to an action or sales conversion.  While this may sound simple in theory, and there is no doubt it’s effective, it’s getting more and more difficult with the amount of noise out there competing for your target market. Making a true impact takes creativity. To stay ahead of the competition, read and implement some of the following trends in your content marketing campaigns this

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Why Do We Act Surprised when Facebook Fails on Privacy?

Facebook and privacy, seems like the two are always joined at the hip in a new controversy. It’s entertaining watching people make a big fuss and go right back to browsing. At the end of the day there are three types of Facebook users. Type A fully understands that Facebook is going to push every limit out there. They also understand privacy is virtually dead and they use social media just enough to get by without disclosing too much about their personal life. Type B reads these

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Groupon Testing Online Marketplace called Groupon Stores

Groupon is trying out a new marketplace which moves it even closer to the likes of eBay and Amazon. Groupon Stores, now in beta, enables merchants to establish a storefront at Products sold on Groupon Goods need to discounted 5% at a minimum and Groupon intends to charge 15% commission fees. Merchants will be responsible for order fulfillment which is very different from how orders are processed now via Groupon Goods, where fulfillment is processed by Groupon directly. Over the

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Facebook Enables Mobile Payments via Messenger

Facebook is diving into mobile payments with it’s own twist. Rather than slug it out with Apple and Samsung and a slew of others going after the merchant point-of-sale, Facebook is sticking to its roots by enabling their users to send peer-to-peer payments to friends and family. Roll-out of the payment feature launched on Tuesday to US-based users and is available through the mobile messenger app and through traditional desktop chat. Read more at JOSIC MEDIA

MMW: Groupon, Daily Deal Sites Evolving Beyond Email Marketing

The meteoric rise of daily deal sites like Groupon was almost as captivating to follow in the press as their precipitous fall. But according to the latest industry stats and projections, daily deal companies can’t be written off just yet. In fact, their comeback is underway according to industry experts and analysts like Boyan Josic. “We all watched the historic rise of daily deals several years ago, which was quickly followed by a jarring correction in the industry,” says Josic,

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USA Today: Daily coupon deals may not work for buyers, sellers

Trying to keep up with the influx in customers a daily deal brings has proven too much for some to handle. A December post by news site Daily Deal Media listed businesses whose daily deals went awry in 2011, including two that closed after running a deal without honoring coupons. “Companies are making risky, risky deals they can’t make money on, and then they go out of business and everybody suffers,” says Boyan Josic, CEO of To keep up

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With all the Groupons and other daily deals you’ve bought, you’re entitled to half-price dinners and facials all around town. But your great bargains aren’t so great when they expire before you can use them, as about one in five such deals do. Luckily, there’s some good news for procrastinators: Just because your Groupon expired doesn’t mean you lose all your money on it. “We have a consumer-friendly expiration policy,” says Julie Mossler, a spokeswoman for Groupon. “If your Groupon expires,

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