Don’t toss out that expired Groupon

With all the Groupons and other daily deals you’ve bought, you’re entitled to half-price dinners and facials all around town. But your great bargains aren’t so great when they expire before you can use them, as about one in five such deals do.

Luckily, there’s some good news for procrastinators: Just because your Groupon expired doesn’t mean you lose all your money on it.

“We have a consumer-friendly expiration policy,” says Julie Mossler, a spokeswoman for Groupon. “If your Groupon expires, the voucher is still good indefinitely at the business for the amount paid.” For instance, if you spend $20 for a $40 Groupon to a restaurant, and your Groupon expires, you still have $20 in credit to use at the restaurant. In other words, you lose the promotional or bonus value of the deal, but not the purchase price. Living Social and several other daily deal sites, including Juice in the City, Plum District and Urban Dealight, offer the same setup.


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