Keep on, and Keep Moving Forward

Staying active is the key to health.  Having the mindset of “moving forward and not dwelling in the past” is the key to eventually getting to where you want to land in life.  We’ve all heard the phrase: “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got!”

If you desire to make positive changes in your life, thinking them through and mapping them out is essential. But execution is the vital next step and generally the key difference between those who manage to “effect change” vs those who will always just dream about it.

Be disruptive each day. Set yourself a target of doing something different each day to get out of your daily routine. Start small if necessary and gradually build up. As days go by you’ll find it becomes automatic, second nature, to do stuff differently.

Ask yourself:

Where’s the disruption?

Where are you making the changes?

And if you are making changes are they big enough?

Will they result in different outcomes?

Expand your horizons and raise your standards and expectations. Results will follow, it just takes time and effort.

Now go get out of your comfort zone!

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