Why Do We Act Surprised when Facebook Fails on Privacy?

Facebook and privacy, seems like the two are always joined at the hip in a new controversy. It’s entertaining watching people make a big fuss and go right back to browsing. At the end of the day there are three types of Facebook users.

Type A fully understands that Facebook is going to push every limit out there. They also understand privacy is virtually dead and they use social media just enough to get by without disclosing too much about their personal life.

Type B reads these reports, kicks and screams, and then goes right back to using Facebook like they always do. Perhaps they adjust their privacy settings or go through the motions to “get secure” but it hardly makes a difference in the end.

Type C doesn’t know and/or care what’s going on, who’s tracking what, and no privacy issue or even a data breach is going to stop them from posting everything they do on Facebook.

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